Call for Symposium

Call for Symposium

Modernity again; despite the timeless, the spaceless and the unmanned…


It is clear that any analysis without presenting a thorough examination of the social structure -at least from a specific perspective- would be incomplete. Although a significant bulk of timeless, spaceless, and even unmanned research produces quite many refined solutions and numerous aphorisms, it actually offers ‘the nothing’ as ‘the great everything’. This void ‘great everything’ is nothing more than reproducing that thesis about “great narrations are over” as embraced by many in this age.


A social analysis takes its meaning in terms of the position it occupies within the great narration. So, are the great narrations at an end? We can, at least, claim that the great narrators are scarcer. Then, what about great problems of humanity? What about inequality being reproduced every single day? What about existential crises of humanity becoming more and more chronic every day? What about the world that is supposed to be dominated by rationalism along with modernity? Evolving towards what thanks to neoliberal policies?


Today’s discussions about great problems of humanity also involve the notion of modernity. In order to conduct such discussions in a scientific spirit, last year we brought together distinguished researchers from different disciplines on the axis of modernity as a paradigm at our symposium held in Giresun. We are planning to continue our discussions on whether modernity is a finite concept, modernity’s fluidity or relativity, and how postmodernism is presented in this process in 2020 in Muğla. So, modernity again


4th International Symposium on Philosophy, Education, Arts and History of Science (FEBTS) will again be organised by Mugla Sitki Kocman University’s Faculty of Education, Faculty of Letters, and Research and Application Center for Philosophy and Science in 2020, and will aim to bring researchers from different disciplines to share their ideas on modernity-related discussions. FEBTS has achieved an important status in the scientific world owing to its themes, its distinguished participants, and the quality of keynote speeches and academic discussions.


We are really excited to be able to do better each year with the presence of respected academicians from Faculties of Science and Letters, Education, Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Please be informed that the subject of papers will not be limited to the main theme: Modernity again. You may submit a paper relevant to sub-themes of the symposium as in previous years. There will, again, be an international painting exhibition in 2020, and we would be glad to host the artists wishing to take part in the exhibition at our symposium.


We would like to see you in Muğla in 2020.


Kindest regards,

FEBTS Organisation Committee


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