Call for Symposium

Call for Symposium

Modernity, which refers to a transformation, is tought to reach its fundamental spirit with the Enlightenment of XVII. Century, and predicates a process which directs existing paradigms and paradigmatic transformations. Even though invididuals see the traces of this transformation within everyday life, the main transformation could be said to be in the world of mind or idea. Modernity which finds it own spirit with Kant during the Enlightenment do shapes and directs the disciplines struggling to solve the boundaries of the universe on the one hand, and is shaped within the discussions which bring the qualifications of modern man forefront on the other hand. In the history of science, though the acceptance of Newton's new explanations regarding universite is relativey easier in that era, the arguments and attitudes of social sciences towards modenity refers to tense and stressed process.

Identified with the West, modernity has created a new Europe by drawing the democracy, rights, and equality foreground. It s no longer the era of great empires but of the nation states. At this point, the adventure of modernization in Turkey is striking with its own specific details. Finding its own spirit with the proclamation of the Republic, the ideal of modern Turkish Republic is aimed to green in villages, as opposed to what West has done. Within this process, education institutions and art have been introduced as the driving force of modernity.

Today, the controversies and inquiries regarding modernity continue within almost all disciplines. Did the end of Modernity come to pass? Is it a fluid concept? What does the concept of Late Modernity mean? Does postmodernism have a counterpart? To find anwers to such questions, we have set the main theme of the III. International Symposium on Philosophy, Education, Art and History of Science as "... modernity". We aimed to bring together scientists working in different disciplines so that they could present their opinions on modernity debates and on modernity concept. The symposium, organized in Mugla, Turkey last year, will be organized in Giresun University this year. In this way, we aim to bring together the scientists whı are carrying out research in various disciplines in the diferent cities and countries.

The symposium's attainment of this goal will be possible with the participation of the valuable academicians of the Faculties of Letter, Arts, Education, and Humanities and Social Sciences. For this purpose, we would like you to participate in the symposium with your own study.

In addition, a painting exhibition is going to be held this year, the first of which was organized last year. In this regard, we would be delighted to see the artists who would like to participate in the painting exhibition.

Your participation would be greatly appreciated.


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Tuesday, April 23, 2019